Winter Order Form (wk of 1/6/13)

Bunny print card by Annie

Elder Fire Farm Arts

Winter Pick-up Order Form

Orders placed by 8pm Monday, and will be available for pick-up

after 10am the following Wednesday at:

Confections with Convictions (116 W. Crosstown Pkwy, Kalamazoo)

Name on order:

  price quantity total
Cultured Veggies
      Classic Kraut 16oz $7.00
      Apple Kraut 16oz $7.00
      Spicy Carrot Pickles 16oz $7.00
      Fennel Onions  8oz $5.00
      Culture Club (mildly) Hot Sauce  5oz $7.00
                            Total cultured veggies
Farmstead Jams 8oz
     Heart of Summer $6.00
     Hot Pepper Jelly $6.00
     Maiden Voyage $6.00
     Spiced Pear $6.00
     Spiced Pear Chutney $6.00
     Sunrise Spread $6.00
     Sunset Spread $6.00
     Tomato Marmalade $6.00
     Tropical Melon Moon $6.00
     Vanilla Ambrosia $6.00
                                    Total Jams
Hand-printed cards by Annie
     Hearts (pack of 3) $5.00
     Stars  (pack of 3) $5.00
     Bunny (pack of 3) $5.00
                                    Total cards
                                     Total purchases

 (paid with check or cash at pick up)

All items are available in limited quantities. We will notify you if there is any trouble filling your order.

Thank you for your support.

Please feel free to call (269) 352-4711 or email  with any questions.


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