Top 15 reasons to LOVE farming!

In no particular order:

Farming is a time to CONNECT with the EARTH everyday and an opportunity to OBSERVE and LEARN from it.

Farming provides the Rugged SATISFACTION of having worked an entire day outdoors in FREEZING weather, knee deep snow, pouring RAIN, or dripping SWEAT

Farming is FOOD: It is okay to talk about, make and eat food ALL day long

Farming is being a FOOD ACTIVIST (passionately  part of a sustainable local food system/ economy everyday)

Farming is EFFICIENCY: working and exercising at the same time

I get to spend everyday WITH my FAMILY when I’m a Farmer

Going out and PICKING whatever I want for DINNER (and it’s all fresh and grown to my standards of cleanliness)

Sitting around as a family and COMPARING MUSCLES

Connecting GOOD FOOD with HAPPY PEOPLE twice each week at FARMERS’ MARKETS

Farming is the most DIRECT method of PROVIDING for my family and myself


To farm is to LIVE OUTSIDE of just about EVERY BOX

I LOVE seeing my KIDS take PRIDE and OWNERSHIP over our farm vision (just like I fantasized they would!)

Farming fosters UNDERSTANDING and APPRECIATION for where our food comes from and what it takes to get it to you and me

If you have never worked on a small vegetable farm (where most work and harvest is done by hand), I STRONGLY recommend at least one day. Through the course of a growing season you can get a pretty clear picture of what each crop (and farmer) goes through to get to your table each week. You may never see CARROTS or SALAD the same way AGAIN!


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