Kale Wraps are Forever

We’d like to introduce you to our dear friend, The Kale Wrap (TKW).

Today's Kale Wrap: Our kale (curly and lacinato), white cucumbers, green onions, heirloom tomato, tahini lemon parsley dressing, on a millet-flax lavash

Kale wraps are simple, yet there are some requirements in our household for making them:

ALWAYS slice kale in thin strips, chiffonade as they say.

USE what you have/need to use veggiewise,

BUT ALWAYS use Sami’s millet and flax lavash (ok, you can use tortillas, but don’t expect “to die for” good)


ALWAYS make a raw TAHINI based dressing. (Heather, who’s sitting beside me, disagrees with this rule–and she’s somewhat right, kale wraps can be made with oil based dressings-or any dressing that suits your fancy (except probably shouldn’t be store bought…but that’s a different post) and still be absolutely delicious, but they won’t be addicting like The One).

Our preferred dressing of late is always without measurements, but resembles the following:

  • A BUNCH of italian flat leaf parsley (at least one bunch, this is the best aspect of the dressing)
  • A 1//2 cup  or more raw organic tahini
  • A Lemon or more
  • organic extra virgin olive oil, 1-2 tablespoons
  • celtic sea salt, several pinches
  • OFTEN we add unpasteurized MISO (the sweet varieties, always from South River–which makes the best commercial miso we can get our hands on), a tablespoon or more depending on the amount of tahini used.
  • tablespoon or so of water–add more depending on your desired thickness, but we tend to like it quite thick! Cause Kale likes it thick.
THE key to the dressing, and The Kale Wrap at large, is one tool:
The IMMERSION BLENDER. But use your upright blender if that’s all you have (but we strongly suggest you getting an immersion blender, even if it is just to make dressings like this one, but it’s great for making soups or sauces, too).
Heat up lavash, PILE on the kale (seriously, this is actually why the kale wrap exists: to consume large amounts of kale in one sitting),
throw on toppings (onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, kimchi, hot peppers, anything),
and then,
cover everything in the dressing,
make sure the kale is coated in the dressing;
if it looks like it’s going to be messy, it’s perfect.
Send us a picture of yours.

5 Responses to “Kale Wraps are Forever”

  1. Sounds fantastic. Should I post here or send to yr phone, re: picture… ? BOTH? KALE!

    • Our phone is worthless–always send pics and as many as you feel inspired to take HERE or on FACEBOOK (which I think you high fived recently?) You’re our first commenter, and I am very pleased, excited even! Let’s see that wrap, girl!

  2. i am so pleased and inspired by all yr posts! i love them! i wanta make these exact wraps but cannot get sami’s lavash anywhere out here. nothin like it either. im kinda lost cuz them tortillas aint gonna cut it fir me. help????!!!

    • leekornhauser Says:

      There really isn’t a Sami’s lavash perfect substitute, unfortunately. You could try making one like it from scratch? The sprouted grain tortillas aint bad if you can figure out a way to keep them from drying out when heating them up.

  3. Susan McHenry Says:

    Great post Lee! Thanks for the inspiration!

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