Healer: by Lee

Forager: by Annie

Lee and Annie made me some rad lino print patches for my birthday!  The linoleum printing has been an ongoing project here at the farm, by Lee (for our fantastic jam, chutney, kale chips, and tea labels, our striking new table signage and now for these and other sweet patches,) and by Annie (who has been making hand-printed notecard sets with her original designs.)  Look for Lee’s patches (and maybe some from the kids) at the markets soon!

Annie, our 10-year old daughter, included this Haiku that she wrote for me and my obsession with wandering the woods in search of tasty wild things to eat…

Forage for your life

you should forage forever

For Age makes you strong


Lee’s Haiku is private.


One Response to “Forager”

  1. Wow! I am checking out your website and loving you family! My husband and I are working on an urban farm w/ underground home in Kalamazoo.
    I recognized the kids too! My son knows Eliot! How wonderful to find your site!

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